How to Cover Dark Underarms with Makeup Tips to Cover Dark Underarms with Makeup

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"How to Cover Dark Underarms with Makeup Tips to Cover Dark Underarms with Makeup"
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Makeup can be quite a blessing when you have to scuttle off to a party or work or generally if there is a time constraint. Even though makeup only provides temporary relief, the satisfaction and confidence one gets makes up for any shortcomings.  Read on to learn how to cover your dark underarms with makeup.

For dark underarms, makeup can be effective provided it is applied correctly. So before you start to cover dark underarms with makeup you should know the basic rules. The first and foremost rule is to purchase reputed brands always. Never use cosmetics that have been lying on your shelf for more than two to three years. If you have sensitive skin, try to use herbal-based make-up products. Lastly, remember to touch up after a few hours to add freshness.

Here are the ways and tips on how to cover dark underarms with makeup. Before you get started with your makeup kit, exfoliate and moisturize your underarms well. This will ensure smoother underarms and will also help to get rid of any dead skin cells.

For lightening dark armpits, you will need a few basic products:


Concealer brush

Translucent powder

Lightening underarms is similar to lightening under eye dark circles in application. However, since the problem areas are different and the skin texture varies, the density also varies while applying makeup under the eyes and arms. The challenges remain quite similar though. But the truth is that you can get rid of dark circles or dark underarms easily.

Some common complaints while applying cosmetics on armpits are the powder and foundation giving a cake effect, using a concealer that is too light or too creamy and not blending the concealer and powder correctly. Well, the answers to all these common makeup issues is right here.

Step-by-step guide to applying makeup on armpits to cover dark underarms

Use the same shade of concealer as you use for blemishes or under eye dark circles. If your armpits are too dark then it is advisable to select a lighter shade. Mostly, using a similar concealer will prove to be effective. Before purchasing a concealer, remember to test in natural light and not under artificial light. Testing it in natural light will help you select the perfect shade. Choose a cream-based concealer, but don’t choose a product that’s too creamy otherwise you might get the ‘cake effect’ where the concealer or foundation rests in the folds or creases of the skin, hence giving a layered look. Use your finger and brush to press the concealer all through the armpit. Rub it on gently. Don’t use harsh hand movements but soft, pressing application. Dab on a little powder. This will help in avoiding the concealer settling in the folds of the skin. Blend well softly.

So, make up your mind to bid dark underarms adieu by using reputed brands of makeup!

From now on simply follow these rules and get rid of dark underarms easily. Cover your dark underarms with makeup and get set to wear sleeveless tops and dresses. 

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