How to Break in a new Pair of Shoes Fast

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"How to Break in a new Pair of Shoes Fast"
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Breaking in new shoes.

Sometimes we make mistakes when we purchase shoes. The leather is stiff and we make the excuse that it will loosen up, although occasionally with those stubborn shoes, they do need a little help. There are methods that help you with footwear, and these are the most practical and inexpensive ways of making those special shoes fit comfortably.

Softening the Leather

Although leather does soften with age, new leather can hurt your feet more than you care to put up with. If you take newspaper and dampen it, placing balls of the newspaper in the shoes, this does help loosen up heavy leather. Careful placement of the paper without getting water all over the uppers is important, as this can damage shoes. Leave to dry out naturally rather than in a warm place.


On some pairs of shoes, I found the physically stretching and manipulating the leather was the way to go. Italian shoes in softer leathers tend to react well to this treatment. While watching the tv, gently manipulate the leather and rub the edges of the shoes together to soften that part of the shoe that hurts.

To stretch the tops of boots, use the storage stretchers at the maximum strength, stuffed with balls of damp newspaper and this really does help stretch the leather. Another thing that can be done with the tops of boots to make them more bearable is to cut a slit, and insert an elastic although only do this to boots if you have the expertise.

Wearing Them in Slowly

The other alternative that works is to wear those new shoes indoors, a little at a time, until they are comfortable. It takes time, though a few hours here and there in the comfort of your own home means that you won't get caught out when you are in a situation outdoors, where you do not have the choice of changing the shoes.

The Oil Method

The oil method has been said to work though personally I have my doubts. Oiling new leather will damage it, and those who say this works say that a little oil, following by being left in an airing cupboard will loosen leather, though if you choose this method, do so at your own risk.

The Water Method

Here, you fill the shoes with luke warm water, leave for five minutes, then pour the water out, stretching the leather as you do this. Leave the shoes to dry naturally. Again, here it would be a good idea to protect uppers with polish in case of water damage.

Whatever the reason, taking your time in your purchase of footwear can make the world of difference to how they fit. Try them in the shop, walk across the floor and be aware of any areas that hurt your feet, since other styles, wider fittings, lower or higher heels, may not hurt at all.

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