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How to Avoid Holes in Shirt Sleeve Elbows

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"How to Avoid Holes in Shirt Sleeve Elbows"
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What could be more embarrassing than reaching across the table at a power lunch and hearing your shirt sleeve rip?

OK, I can think of maybe a dozen potentially more embarrassing events, but most of them are not printable here.

Still, a ripped sleeve (or underarm seam) can make even the boldest boss blush. Here are five ways to prevent this from happening:

1) Buy quality clothing. Well-constructed garments are more durable than cheaply made clothes. Sturdier seams, better tailoring, and higher quality fabrics simply last longer. A cheap shirt is no bargain, if the elbow splits open after one or two wearings.

2) Try shirts on before purchasing. Ill-fitting shirts and blouses tend to pull and bind, particularly in jointed areas, such as elbows and even shoulders. Tugging and adjusting to avoid rips and tears is annoying and unproductive.

3) Roll up your sleeves. If you sit down to eat, work with printed material, or place your elbows on a coarse surface, you will want to pull up those sleeves and preserve your shirt. Unbutton the cuffs first, so you don't lose the fasteners!

4) Cuff em. If your shirt comes with cuffs, keep them fastened during the day. This will prevent your sleeves from getting caught on anything that might cause them to tear.

5) Wear short sleeves. A truly messy job, or one requiring lots of bending and stretching, demands a loose-fitting short sleeve top. Choosing the right clothing for the job is important for function AND for fashion.

Most of all, don't wear your heart on your sleeve, which might get torn. After all, a shirt is just a shirt.

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