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How to Add Straps to a Strapless Dress

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"How to Add Straps to a Strapless Dress"
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Dresses with straps look good on most ladies unlike dresses without straps. There is something neat about a dress with straps, it will add visual interest to any dress and making it more wearable. If you have a strapless dress that you would like to add straps and you have no time to take it to a seamstress, then the following tips will help you.

1. Buy the fabric

The first order of business when adding straps to a strapless dress is to find the right fabric to use. You will need a fabric that has the same pattern, the right color and matches with your dress.

Half a meter of fabric should be sufficient to make straps for your strapless dress. Choosing the right type of fabric is crucial when making straps for your strapless dress. You should also buy lining material for the fabric depending on the quality of fabric. Remember that the straps must be firm in order to serve the purpose.

For example, if you are using " free flowing" fabric such as Satin or Silk to make the straps then you definitely to make the straps more firm by adding lining material when making the straps.

2. Measure the length of the straps

Before you buy the fabric take measurements of how long the straps should be. This will give you a good idea of how much fabric you need to make the straps.

You can use a measuring tape to measure the distance over each shoulder from the back to the front of the dress while you are wearing it. You will need the help of another person when measuring the length of the straps.

 3. Choose the style and thickness of the straps

Another important factor to consider when making straps for your strapless dress, is how thick you would like them to be and what style you want the straps to be.

You can opt for thin straps, gathered straps or thick straps, it depends on your choice and what is suitable for the style of the strapless dress.

If you are having trouble choosing the right thickness of the straps, then buying a satin ribbon that has hemmed edges will work well for you since it is also available in various thickness and colors.

4. Start making the straps

If you are satisfied with your choice of fabric, then it is time to start making the straps. Cut the fabric on a clean straight surface using a sharp pair of scissors to the desired length.

When cutting the fabric, leave a few inches of fabric on either side to allow room for error. If you are lining the straps cut the same length of lining fabric to be used when making the straps. Fold the lining fabric neatly inside the strap before you begin the stitching process.

5. Start the stitching

When you are ready to start stitching the straps, prepare your sewing machine with the right color of thread and make sure everything is functional before you start.

Use a flat stitch to hem the straps in a lengthwise direction. Make sure that the lining material and the fabric is well aligned before you begin to stitch the straps onto the dress.

Take your time when stitching the straps in a neat manner for a professional look. After finishing stitching the straps, it is now time to attach them to the strapless dress.

6. Attach the straps to the dress

Mark the areas on the strapless dress where the straps should be, before you attach the straps onto the dress. You should have a friend help you to put the straps over the dress while wearing it, in order to get the right spots where to attach the straps.

Ask your friend to mark the exact spot using white chalk for visibility purposes.
After removing the dress, attach the straps onto the dress using pins before you start the stitching. Alternatively you can use fabric glue to secure the straps in place before you stitch them on.

7. Stitch the straps on

Use a sewing machine to stitch the straps onto the dress, try and use the same stitching that was used when sewing the dress for a more neat look.
Stitch the straps onto the dress more than once to make sure that they are firmly held in place and will not get ripped off during washing or ironing.

Make sure that the edges of the straps are sewn neatly and cut off any stray thread sticking out to avoid it from running and causing the straps to become loose.

There are other ways to add straps onto your strapless dress such as using buttons, hooks attached at the end of the straps back and front, or stick and peel Velcro added to the ends of the straps using fabric glue to attach them to the straps.

In conclusion, add straps to a strapless dress should not be a challenge for you, if you know how to do it. Enjoy the benefit of having a dual purpose dress, one with straps and one without straps.

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