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How to Accentuate your best Attributes with a Tattoo

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"How to Accentuate your best Attributes with a Tattoo"
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When it comes to having your body or face tattooed to show off your best assets, please bear in mind that what are regarded as your best assets today may not be as you age.

Many are the sailors who on a drunken whim when teenagers, stumbled into a tattoo parlour and awoke in the morning to a wonderful tattoo saying, 'I Love Edith', in-scripted on their taunt and muscular arms. Now they sit in bars fifty years on, and their tattoos are stretched and faded amongst wrinkles as they reach for their pint of beer, and they haven’t see or heard from Edith in forty nine years.

Ask some of them about their tattoos, and most of them won't remember having them done or choosing a design. You can learn by their mistake. This will mean they have not been tattooed with huge hemp leaf designs on their chests in vain, and with Edith’s name, and they wont have been ear bashed by their wife named Gertrude for years without purpose.

What you can learn from this is to choose a design, and where you place it on your body with care. You may have muscular arms now, but how will that tattoo look in fifty years when you have aged? If you are not sure have it done on an area that’s not muscular, and therefore won’t expand or shrink so much according to weight fluctuation.

If you have a beautiful curve to your back a subtle tattoo in this area will look really pretty, and not look too garish in later years.

A cheeky little tattoo on the bottom, if this is a good area for you now, will at least remind you of good times as you age and be worthy of a chuckle or two.

Some people tattoo their faces. This is not for the feint hearted but is a matter of personal taste. You may, however, regret this later on as the ink fades and your wrinkles interfere with the original design.

An alternative to this, if you have a great shaped head and are willing to shave off your hair if not already bald, is a tattoo on your head. This can be covered by a hat when you don't want to show it, and if you are young you can always grow your hair over it if needs be.

Subtle tattoos on the wrists or arms that look like Celtic bracelets can be very attractive as long as you are toned, as can a beautiful tattoo on the shin or ankle area.

Take time to really see yourself in a long mirror and pick out the parts of you that you most admire. This is a great way to decide where to have a tattoo placed.

Be creative, keep safety in mind when having it done, and remember to choose a design you will love always placed on a part of your body where you won’t mind seeing it forever.

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