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How Sulfur Promotes Hair Growth

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"How Sulfur Promotes Hair Growth"
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There are many reasons contributing to hair loss which can vary from hereditary factors to hormonal and nutritional effects on the system. If you have been told that your hair loss may be due to an inadequate diet, then don't panic, there may be something you can do to reverse the effects and stop the thinning process.

Sulfur has long been considered beneficial in relation to our health and it is essential in supplying the body with the necessary minerals to keep our circulation in tip top condition.

It has come to be known as the "beauty mineral" and provides the right amount of growth nutrients that will help to keep our hair, skin and nails looking their very best. In fact, taking the right amount of sulfur in your diet will not only help to keep your hair thick and healthy it can also add shine and luster.

If you are experiencing any amount of hair loss it may be worth looking into bolstering your diet with sulfur based supplements or improving the mineral content of your diet.

You will find sulfur in certain foods such as:

Dairy Products
Dried Beans

Although there have been no independent tests to uphold the theory, some herbalists even recommend that rubbing half a raw onion into your scalp before shampooing can work wonders, claiming that the onion's high sulfur content is an effective treatment for scalp problems and can it can even help to stimulate hair into growing again! Well it doesn't hurt to give it a try does it?

Sulfur isn't produced by the body itself. It must be absorbed into the system by eating the type of plants that grown in sulfur rich soils or the animals that have eaten these sort of plants. Some nutritionists believe that some of the foods that we eat have been compromised by the use of pesticides and fertilizers which could lower the content of sulfur in the soil. Many people may also not be aware that processed food can also be stripped of natural sulfur during the manufacturing process.

There are several ways that you can tell if you are suffering from a deficiency in sulfur. Apart from a general thinning of the hair, you may notice that the strands of hair may have a brittle look or feel to them. You may have noticed that your skin has become unusually dry and your nails feel quite soft and fragile. You may feel a general soreness in your muscles and joints and you are perhaps feeling a little more tired than usual. If you are also suffering from reoccurring headaches, allergies or diabetes, then this could indicate a severe loss of sulfur in your system.

Having a word with your doctor to rule out any other medical reasons for these symptoms may be advisable and then trying a sulfur rich diet through changing your dietary habits, taking food supplements and using sulfur rich creams applied to the scalp, will certainly help towards making sure your crowning glory is receiving the essential mineral that it needs to slow down the loss of hair and to promote its healthy growth.

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