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How do you Deal with a Painful Spot in your Earpop it or Leave alone

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"How do you Deal with a Painful Spot in your Earpop it or Leave alone"
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Pop It or Stop It? Dealing With a Painful Spot in Your Ear...

Hmmm, you think, as you put your finger in your ear. Sore spot.

Darn pimple.

It starts as a small little annoying area of tenderness when you touch it. Of course, you can't see it - because it's in your ear - so you keep touching it as if by magic, your healing index finger will presto it away. Worst of all, it's not just a pimple. It's a blind pimple.

Egads! It feels like Mount St. Helen's has relocated to your ear. Now if only it would erupt, like a good volcano.

So you press and pick and prod. The result? It only gets more sore and you do to. They say we all have a Third Eye. Is it possible to grow a second nose? In your ear?

Alright, all kidding aside. What's the answer?

Do you
A) Cut off your ear to spite a pimple?
B) Lance it with a straight pin?
C) Call a surgeon to make a house call
D) Scream with mounting frustration because you can't fit two fingers in there to pop the little weasel?
E) None of the above

And the answer is.... (drum roll)... E! None of the above.

Next time you get a nasty little boil/pimple/unidentified pus filled eruption in your itty bitty ear, try this approach. First, leave the pressing and picking to the teenage pimple poppers. Second, get a nice clean unused washcloth and soak it well in hot water. Wring it out. Apply the hot compress to the eruption as best you are able - the washcloth is soft and able to fit into the rounded portion of the outer ear. Keep rewetting the clothe with the hot (not hot enough to burn the skin but comfortably warm). The heat and moisture will soothe the soreness and help disperse the small pocket of infection into the surrounding tissue where it can be attacked by your white blood cells and the waste absorbed.

Continue this for one or two days. One of three things will happen. The pimple may diminish in size and simply disappear. If this does not happen, the pimple may erupt on its own as the skin covering it thins and the pus contents expand. Lastly, the infection may worsen and the area become harder and more painful. If this occurs, make an appointment with your doctor. An oral antibiotic may be indicated.

To summarize, do not try to pick or pop a painful eruption in your ear. You may introduce more bacteria into the site and cause worse problems than you have already. Irritating the tissue near the ear can create worse pain since there is very little soft tissue to cushion underlying structures.

I will leave you with this final thought. When in doubt, keep your fingers out.

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