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Homemade lotions are fun and easy to make!  They are a healthy skin care alternative especially for those with sensitive skin. Read any label on generic skin care and you will know how hard it is to find a product with out a long list of ingredients. Mostly names of chemicals you can barely pronounce. The skin is our largest living organism and it is vitally important that we take good care of it. We hear  a lot about being aware of the food we eat but often forget that everything we put on our skin enters our body. Making your own skincare products is the easiest way to make sure you and your family is using safe wholesome ingredients.

Most basic ingredients can be found at your local pharmacy or health food store. Goats milk is especially great for the skin because it contains Alpha Hydroxy Acid that acts as a moisturizer when used on the skin. The first step to making your own Goats Milk Lotion is to buy fresh or canned goats milk. Then do the following steps:

In mixing bowl combine1 cup goats milk with 1/8 cup of olive oil. stir until blended.

Mix 1/8 tsp of white vinegar into lotion mixture. (The vinegar acts as a natural preservative)

After the lotion mixture is completely blended, place the mixture into a  jar with a lid or a container with a pump (like a soap dispenser)

The lotion will be able to be stored at room tempture, however, if seperation accures gently stir lotion until blended again.

If you want a scented lotion, simply add a scented oil, like lavender, to the mixture. (play with scents until you find your perfect one)

 The benefit of making goats lotion is not only for your skin but your pocket book as well. Lotions these days can be very expensive and often don't work as well. How many times have you spent a good amount of money on a lotion only to find that you either don't like it's scent or it doesn't moisturize quite like you would like it too. Making your own puts you in "control". You decide what is the perfect balance for your body. Our skincare should not be "one size fits all". We each have very different needs. Use this simple method of making lotion and take back control of what you place on your body! 

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