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For many homemakers, chances are that they've used olive oil to cook healthy food. What many people don't know is that olive oil is truly a beauty godsend in disguise. Fashionistas and beauty-nuts are bound to be pleased to note that olive oil actually contains several natural ingredients that have anti-oxidant properties. In no time, olive oil could be transformed into a beauty and fashion Swiss army knife, removing makeup, moisturizing skin and deep conditioning hair, among many other uses.

*Why is Olive Oil So Good for the Skin and Hair?

Olive oil has several properties that make it an excellent choice for skin care and as ingredients in skin products and aid as a beauty supplement.

Olive oil is beneficial in that its ingredients naturally moisturize the skin. Olive oil works miraculously as a cleanser because it does not remove natural protective oils from the skin. It is perfect in an anti-aging facial routine because of the anti-oxidants that it contains.

*How to Use Olive Oil at Home

Using olive oil in its natural form as home beauty remedies can not only be helpful for the skin, but also save some dollars instead of using those expensive beauty and personal care items. Use olive oil as a beauty treatment in the following creative ways:

*Makeup Remover

Use olive oil as a makeup remover. Apply a little olive oil on a cotton swab or tissue and cleanse the face after a night out. Even waterproof mascara can be easily removed with olive oil, as with the fancy makeup removers. It is guaranteed to provide much needed relief in a fashion disaster.

*Skin softener

A few drops of olive oil along with a few drops of rose water should do the trick for an ideal beauty treat. It is also a good idea to use a few drops of olive oil and a little baking soda for a long bath in the tub to allow the skin to immerse in the natural nutrients and soften the skin along the way.

*Skin Moisturizer

Olive oil also doubles up as a skin moisturizer. Rub olive oil on skin and then drape a warm cloth over the face until it cools down before bedtime on clean skin for an overnight beauty treat.

*Hair Conditioner

Olive oil nourishes hair which is important for the hair's health. Heat up a half cup of olive oil in the microwave with a bit of rose water and comb the beauty mixture through freshly brushed hair and massage onto scalp and the rest on hair length.

*Cuticle Treatment

Use a dash of extra virgin olive oil along with jojoba oil to heal the skin on the hands and feet. Warm a bit of the extra virgin olive oil and rub it into the cuticles. The extra virgin olive oil softens the skin and doubles up as an effective cuticle treatment.

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