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Hair coloring can be tricky to do, even if you do it yourself. Many beauty shops recommend that you come in every two weeks to color your roots, but this can damage your hair if you are not careful. For those that color their own hair and take great pride in doing so, the makers of Revlon products recommended once a month to keep hair looking healthy and shiny. The deep conditioning color penetrates every strand of hair as you add it to your scalp.

Adding color to your hair in some circumstances can burn and cause skin irritation to the scalp, so it is important to read the colors application directions before you begin to color your hair. This will allow your scalp to heal over a period of time and cause less irritation to sensitive areas. Many Revlon products have changed their product hair colorings over the years and no longer use Ammonia based hair coloring. This has helped many women that are sensitive to the many different brands of hair color.

This is why the recommended time intervals between hair colors has become so important. Coloring your own hair or having it done in a salon can damage hair if done to often. Professionals that work in these salons will often advise a recommended time for you to come back in to retouch the roots of your hair, but you are better off to distance the time between hair colorings and go at your own discretion. Burnt hair from coloring to often can make your hair thin out and in some circumstances even fall out in clumps.

Hair coloring has made many technological advances over the years and though the products have become more hair friendly to use, the products can still cause problems if used to often. It is a good rule of thumb to do the allergic skin reaction test 48 hours before you do the initial coloring of your hair. You can even cut a snippet of hair to test the color while you wait on the allergic reaction test. Once you learn the product and how it reacts to your hair and skin, you will be more confident when you color your own hair.

According to the lenght and thickness of your hair, many hair color specialist recommend that you color your hair once every month or two. Hair can grow fast at times and the difference varies between different types of hair on how often a woman should color their hair. The best results from hair coloring are every two months. Women have found that their hair looks more healthy and bright when they color less often. The results are what please most women the most and when a product can deliver what it reads on the box it will do for your hair, so much the better.

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