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Guide to Wen Hair Care Products

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The Wen hair care system, developed by Chaz Dean, includes Wen Cleansing Conditioner, Wen Styling Wen Creme, Wen Re-moist Intensive Hair Repair Mask, Wen Texture Balm, and Wen Oil for bath, body, and hair. The product line comes in five different formulas that include Sweet Almond Mint, Cucumber Aloe, Fig, Lavender, and Tea Tree.

The Formulas

These formulas will work on every hair type. However, for best results, each formula has a specific hair type and texture that it will work best on.

Sweet Almond Mint was formulated to moisturize, strengthen, nourish, and add shine to hair. It works well on all hair types and is geared towards fine and medium textured hair.

Cucumber Aloe is good for all hair types but works especially well on oily scalps and dry hair due to the astringent properties of cucumber and the moisturizing properties of aloe. It works well on thin, fine, and medium textured hair.

Fig is formulated to strengthen and rehydrate the hair. It is very moisturizing and works well on dry, heat damaged, and chemically treated hair. It works best on medium and coarse textured hair.

Tea Tree was developed to help with dry, flaky scalps. The medicinal properties in tea tree oil helps combat dandruff. This formula works well with all hair textures.

Lavender was developed to rehydrate dry hair and to add volume. It is a light formula that does not weight the hair down. It works best on dry, fine hair.

All the products in the Wen line come in a variety of these formulas. The Wen Cleansing Conditioner comes in every formula and the remaining products come in Sweet Almond Mint, Fig, and Tea Tree.

The Products

Wen Cleansing Conditioner is a unique hair cleaning process that does not contain harsh chemicals and does not lather the way regular shampoos do. It does not strip your hair of its natural oils and it leaves your hair soft and manageable. The Cleansing Conditioner is thicker than regular shampoos and when used as directed will leave your hair soft, shiny, and tangle free. It can also be used as a leave in conditioner.

Wen Styling Creme helps provide moisture for your hair while it holds your style, manages split ends, and controls frizz. This one product can replace a multitude of products you may be currently using. As such it is easier on your hair. It also adds body and shine to your hair.

Wen Re-moist Intensive Hair repair mask is a hair treatment that is meant to be used every six weeks for hair damaged through everyday use of hair dryers and styling tools. It can also be used before and after any chemical treatment to prepare your hair for treatment and to put moisture back into your hair after treatment. This mask works to add moisture, body, and shine to your hair while strengthening your hair to return it to its natural state.

Wen Texture Balm is used as a finishing touch for hair styles that need definition and separation. It is for any length hair style.

Wen Oil for body, bath and hair is used to nurture your body in the bath or after a shower. For those with dry hair it is also recommended to use a few to your hair to add moisture and softness.

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