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Guide to the new Lob Haircut

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"Guide to the new Lob Haircut"
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The lob hairstyle is basically a slightly longer bob, which just brushes the shoulders. It is currently being hailed as one of the most popular hairstyles for 2009. This article looks at what has brought about the Lob and who it suits.

How did the Lob evolve?

During 2008 many famous Hollywood celebrities went the big chop and sported short bobs. As they began to grow out they didn't succumb to hiding their hair or reaching for a set of hair extensions, they styled them and hence the lob became an official style. Think Gwyneth Paltrow, Eva Longoria Parker, Jessica Alba, Angelina Jolie in the Changeling and Anne Hathaway.

Although, all one length shoulder length hair is hardly an innovative trend, it does give this style more of an official name. Now customers present at the salon asking to have their hair cut into a Lob style. It is also often given a little twist, with either textural ends or some form of wave. This makes it a bit more edgy then the traditional bob.

Who does the Lob suit?

Wondering if the Lob would work for you? The following is a brief overview on who suits the lob:

The Lob is great for those who don't want the work of long hair, but would like the options of mid length tresses rather then the limitations of short hair. It works with virtually all hair textures from fine to thick and can look good straight, wavy or curly.

The lob can flatter square and round faces, because it extends past the chin and is therefore elongating. If you have a round face, a sleek straight Lob, with volume at the roots can be very flattering. If you have a square face consider curly or wavy styles and also make sure you achieve volume at the roots when you blow dry your hair.

The Lob doesn't tend to suit long faces, because it can add further length to this face shape. Women with a long face are better off sticking to a traditional bob hairstyle that offers more width.

All different types of lobs are great on oval face shapes, because it is quite a proportional look that helps maintain the balance of this face shape. So feel free to experiment if this is your face shape.

Heart shaped faces tend to look better with more traditional bobs that create volume at jaw level, or styles with flicked out layers. However, the Lob can work for this face shape, if curls or some form of texture is applied from chin level down.

If you are considering cutting your hair into the Lob style discuss all the options with your hair stylist and consider checking out how it will look on you in imaging software before taking the plunge.

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