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Great Ways to Wear your Hair if you have Thin Short Hair

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"Great Ways to Wear your Hair if you have Thin Short Hair"
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You may not think that you have many hairstyle options with short, thin hair, however there are many different things you can try.  The following are some hairstyles you might want to consider with such hair.


A headband can look very cute in short thin hair.  It is also very easy.  There are two basic types.  One is the hard type that just fits straight on top of your head.  This may be made of plastic, wood, metal or another material.  It often has fabric covering it or other embellishments.  They also make those that are covered in Swarovski crystals for special occasions such as the high school prom or even a wedding.  Some are have pretty fake flowers on them.  These are generally not too expensive and can be purchased at stores that sell hair accessories such as Claire’s, which is at many malls.

The second type of headband that you can get is made of a piece of circular cloth.  You put it over your head so it is around your neck.  You then bring the front up over your forehead.  They make these with many different fabrics and also with embellishments.

Curly or straightened

If you have straight hair you can put some curls in it.  You could get a perm if you want to do something that will last for a while.  Alternatively you could use curlers or a curling iron for a more temporary look.  You could make tighter curls or waves. This might help to give more body to your hair, which you may wish for with thin hair.  If you have curly hair, you might want to straighten your hair for a sleek bob. 

Use a hair comb or clip

You may like to put a pretty comb or clip into your hair.  You can use a comb on the side of your head, for instance.  You can use it on only one side or on both.  They have very simple combs that can help to keep the hair out of your eyes as well as very fancy ones with crystals, rhinestones and even fabric flowers on them, which would be good for a special event.  There are also tiny clips that can fit into thin hair, which you can scatter through your hair as well.

There are many pretty ways to wear your hair if it is thin and short.  Try the above hairstyles to see what works best for you.

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