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Great Hair Styles for Windy Days

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"Great Hair Styles for Windy Days"
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Hair styles and windy days don't mix well. It can be frustrating battling your way through wind to get to the office, or a hot date, when you just know when you arrive you'll look bedraggled and unkempt, no matter how long you spent previously taming your tresses or setting your hair into a particular style.

However, there is a way around this problem. Certain hair styles stay in place, even when greeted with storm force winds. Making sure you pick such a hair style, when the weather's rough outside, will help you stay looking, and feeling attractive and presentable.

Hair Styles to Consider

# The Bun

# The Pony Tail

# Bunches

# Braids

The Bun

Bun hair styles can be creative and fun. Or, they can be smart and sexy. Which type you choose will depend on where you are going and who you are going with.

Classic bun hair styles, which are the most formal, are created by brushing the hair, and then sweeping it into one thick section, towards the back. This section is then lifted, and gently twisted and made to curl into a bun shape, towards the back of the head. It can be held in place with pretty hair decorations, or grips, matching the color of the wearers hair.

Relaxed bun up do's are made in a similar manner, only the bun is loser, and small amounts of hair can be left to gently part from the main bun. The very ends of the bun, usually neatly tucked in for the classic bun style, can be deliberately splayed out like a fan, so that the hair style has a more casual appearance.

The Pony Tail

To create a neat pony tail brush your hair, and then gather it all towards the back of your head, and hold together with a hairband. The appearance of a pony tail can change, depending on how high, or low, it is gathered on the head. A low pony tail looks fabulous on hair which is thick and full. A high pony tail looks great on hair which is average in thickness, to thin in body.


Bunches are best for women who want a hair style that's fun, rather than slick and sophisticated. They can be created in the same manner as a pony tail, although the wear will effectively have a pony tail situated at either side of their head, rather than towards the back.


Braids can be simple, and created by interlocking three sections of hair, in an overlapping fashion, which are then fastened towards the bottom. Or, they can be french braids, which are more intricate, but particularly stable in windy weather.

By adopting one of the above hair styles you can avoid the hair problems that wind can cause, and go about your day, safe in the knowledge that your style will stay in place.

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