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Fragrances Men Prefer on a Woman

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Fragrances have the power to evoke a whole range of emotions in both men and women, but which fragrances do men prefer on a woman? Although every man is different, and a scent loved by one man may not appeal to another, by following the general rules below you can pick out a scent which men prefer on a woman, and avoid choosing one they don't!

-What to wear-

Clean scents, those which make you feel like you're just out of the shower, and fresh smelling scents such as Christian Dior's Pure White Linen are a definite hit with many men. Similarly clean and crisp smelling scents like Dolce & Gabanna's Light Blue and Lancome's Miracle also proved popular, with soft petals and refreshing dewy green aromas adding to the appeal.

Woody floral scents, which feature musky, spicy or woody ingredients are also popular with men. These multi-layered scents smell great on women, and peppery, woody notes such as featured in Victoria's Secret's Very Sexy perfume are a big hit. Calvin Klein's Secret Obsession and Tom Ford's Black Orchid fragrances are also great, deep woody florals which men find irrisistable.

Spicy florals, those fragrances with floral notes broken down with sweeter and spicier white wood notes prove very popular, and create a more sophisticated vibe to them than more obviously girly scents. Marc Jacob's Daisy and Chanel's Chance fragrances are prime examples of spicy florals which men love.

Fresh, subtle citrus fragrances are also a hit with men, and whilst stronger fruity scents may be a turn-off, subtle fruit notes mixed in with soft, clean florals can give a fragrance a real kick. Clinique's Hint of Citrus and L L.A.M.B by Gwen Stefani are just a couple of examples of subtle citrus scents which balance fruitiness with gorgeous blossom notes.

-What not to wear-

Gourmand scents, those which smell like food, might not go down too well with the opposite sex. Aside from the exception of vanilla fragrances, which prove a hit, perfumes which dip too much into the world of chocolate and candy don't seem to be a big hit with men - they might want to eat the product the fragrance smells like but that doesn't mean they'd like a women to smell of it!

Strong florals are definitely not part of the fragrances men prefer on a woman. Heavily scented florals, particularly those with heady roses have been found to remind many men of their mothers and grandmothers. They might be fine as gifts for these older relatives but if you're looking to find a scent that a man you'd like to attract will like on you, heavy florals are best avoided.

Super fruity scents have the same effect on men as very strong gourmand scents, making them think more of the kitchen than of the bedroom. Whether scents are heavily citrus-like or focus on apple or pear aromas, fragrances which are very fruity are ones which not many men prefer on a woman.

Probably the worst variety of perfume to wear with regards to fragrances which men pefer on a woman are those which smell powdery. Powdery fragrances, like strong florals, smell old-fashioned to men and only serve to remind them of their older female relatives in most cases. Definitely one to avoid!

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