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Flattering Tops and Blouses for Women who have a Big Stomach

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"Flattering Tops and Blouses for Women who have a Big Stomach"
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In creating a versatile wardrobe, it is useful to include a few different top and blouse styles. To achieve a flattering appearance, it is very important to choose styles that suit your body shape. The following article is a brief guide to choosing tops and blouses that flatter women who have a big stomach.

Style & cut

If you have a big stomach, you want to look for tops and blouses that skim over this area, rather than anything fitted that may highlight it. Look for blouson style tops that feature a banded bottom, but loose middle, overall loose tunic style tops. Baby doll tops can also conceal a big tummy, but they have a tendency to make people think you might be pregnant, so wear with caution. Wrap tops can be very flattering, because they draw the eye down and across the body elongating the torso. The gathers they form can also help to conceal any tummy bulges.

Color & print

It is best to choose plain, dark colored tops and blouses, because they will help to visually slim your torso region. Avoid light colors, because they can have a reverse effect. If you really want to introduce a light or bright color near the face, look for color block styles that feature a dark panel from the ribcage down. To help make your torso look longer and leaner, it is also beneficial to wear a top or blouse in the same color as whatever you are wearing on your bottom half. This will help create one long vertical line.


You will find that the most flattering fabrics are those that drape nicely or something with a bit of structure. Both help to disguise a full tummy line. Look for tops made from linen, crepe, matt silk or woven cotton. Steer clear of anything thin and flimsy and styles that contain spandex in their list of fibers, because they may highlight your stomach.  Also avoid anything that isn’t flat in texture, because these will create the appearance of more volume.

Decoration & details

Steer clear of tops and blouses that feature decoration or detailing through the waist, because this will draw attention to your fullest area. This means avoiding tops that feature waist ties, or gathering, or shirring through the tummy area. Instead look for tops that feature detailing at the shoulders or chest to help build up this area and thus make your stomach seem smaller in comparison.  Try tops with chest level pockets or details like epaulettes at the shoulders.

One final tip is to wear control undergarments to make your stomach look flatter under your top or blouse. There are lots of shape wear options that flatten the tummy, check with your local department store, or try an online search for shape wear.

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