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Flattering Tops and Blouses for Pear Shaped Women

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"Flattering Tops and Blouses for Pear Shaped Women"
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In creating a versatile wardrobe, it is useful to include a few different top and blouse styles. To achieve a flattering appearance, it is very important to choose styles that suit your body shape. The following article is a brief guide to choosing tops and blouses that flatter the pear shaped figure.

Style & cut

A wide neckline can help to broaden your shoulders and bring balance to your upper and lower body. Try crewnecks, boat necks and Sabrina style necklines. Avoid particularly low scoop necks and wide V neck T-shirt styles, because these may emphasize what’s lacking.

Full sleeves can also have a similar effect. Try tops and blouses that feature puff sleeves, billowing angel sleeves, or cap sleeves that cut across the fullest part of your chest building volume in the area. Sleeveless styles like spaghetti strap styles can look nice if you have toned arms.

Alternatively you could try a layering technique to build up the upper half of your body. Try wearing a camisole under a nice blouse, or a shirt under a knit. Camisoles that are cut straight across can help draw the eyes out across the body and this encourages visual width.

Pear shaped women typically have longer bodies and legs that are slightly on the short side. So when it comes to top length, it is a good idea to stick to shorter length tops. Look for styles that end by the top of your hips, just before the point where your widest areas begin. Longer styles can bring the focus to your fuller areas.

Always look for tops and blouses that show off your waist, this means choosing styles that are gently fitted in this area. Wearing styles that are baggy through the middle may make you look bigger overall and are not doing justice to your tiny waist.  Also try to look for tops and blouses that flare out slightly over the top of the hips.

Color & print

Pear shaped women look great in light or bright colored tops, because they help play up your top half. An interesting printed style can have the same effect. The ultimate print is one that features horizontal stripes across the bust region.  Just make sure that the top is no longer than high hip, because you don’t want to wear these sorts of colors or prints on the lower half of your body. If you partner an interesting color or printed top with a simple, dark colored bottom you can really help balance out your figure proportions.


Look for tops and blouses made from structured or textured fabrics. Think denim, leather, linen, and decent weight cottons. Alternatively try jersey styles partnered with a good push up bra to show off the curves you do have.

Decoration & details

Look for tops and blouses that feature some form of decoration or detailing through the shoulders and bust. This will help to build up this area of your body. Look for styles that feature frills, gathers, tucks, pussycat style bows and chest level pockets.

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