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Flattering t Shirt Styles for Women with Large Breasts

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"Flattering t Shirt Styles for Women with Large Breasts"
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A humble T-shirt is an essential item that works for many of life’s different activities. To achieve a flattering appearance, it is very important to choose a T-shirt that suits your body shape. The following article is a brief guide to choosing a T-shirt that will flatter large breasts.


The neckline style is of great importance when it comes to choosing a T-shirt that will flatter large breasts. You need to strike the perfect balance between an open neckline that will help to lengthen your upper body and enough coverage for practicality. Deep, narrow V necks are a good choice, alongside wrap styles, sweetheart necklines and moderate scoop necks. Make sure you avoid high necklines like crew necks and boat necks.

If you are generally broad on top, a long sleeve T-shirt with sleeves that flare outwards at the elbow can be particularly flattering. This is because it helps to balance your proportions. In general it is best to look for sleeve styles that extend past the fullest part of your bust. This is because you don’t want to add any further visual width to this area. Also take care when choosing sleeveless styles, because skinny straps will only add further emphasize to the size of your breasts and will not accommodate bra straps. Look for styles that have substantial straps.

Color & print

Plain, dark colored T-shirts suit women with large breasts, because they help to make the upper body look slimmer. If you have small hips, you might like to pair a light colored bottom with a dark T-shirt to help achieve more balance.


When you have large breasts it is typically best to choose flowing, or semi fitted tops. These tend to help you look the most proportional. However, don’t be tempted to swamp yourself in a particularly baggy T-shirt, because this could make you look bigger all over (not to mention frumpy).  


When you have large breasts it is important to look for T-shirts that are made from substantial fabrics. A flimsy fabric is likely to look cheap when it is pulled tightly across the chest. So look for medium to heavy weight styles. It is also a good idea to choose a T-shirt that is made from fabric that contains a percentage of Lycra. All cotton T-shirt’s tend to stretch out of shape rapidly, especially when pressure is applied.  T-shirts that contain some Lycra manage to retain their shape for longer.


Skip any fussy detailing around the bust line and upper arm region and instead opt for a sleek design that will downplay your full chest. Also make sure you steer clear of Henley style T-shirts that button down the front. These tend to gape on women with large breasts. If you want to wear some pretty detailing, look for styles that feature this on the hemline or on the bottom of longer sleeves.


When you have large breasts they can often give the appearance of a short torso, if this is the case, it is a good idea to choose T-shirts that are long in length. This will help to visually lengthen your body shape. Tunic styles can work well.

Finally, remember that a properly fitted bra that seeks to uplift and minimize the size of your breasts will really help improve your silhouette when wearing a T-shirt.

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