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Flattering Lingerie for Women who have Big Thighs

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"Flattering Lingerie for Women who have Big Thighs"
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When you wear lingerie, much less is left to the imagination when it comes to your body. With more skin on display it can make you feel vulnerable about your appearance.  However, fear not because there are still things you can do to make the most your figure. This article looks at flattering lingerie for women who have big thighs.


A good bra can keep the attention on your upper half of the body, which will help keep the focus off your thighs. If you have a small chest, try padded push up bras. They can add a full cup size or more. Alternatively there are inserts that can be slipped inside your bra whenever you require them. This is a good option if you don’t want the extra weight all the time.

Look for bras with pretty details with draw attention, such as large center bows, lace cups, and touches of breading or sequins. Alternatively try a printed bra style. Victoria’s Secret and La Senza offers lots of cute styles in this category. Think animal print, spots and floral designs.


To help visually slim down your leg line, look for panties that have high cut legs, this will help make your legs longer and draw the eye up, rather than down to your thighs. Avoid boy leg underwear styles, because they cut across the fullest area on the thighs drawing attention to them.  Simple, dark colored panties or skin tone shades are good because there low key design doesn’t draw the eye down to your lower half.

Nighties & slips

Look for nighties and slips that flare out over the hips, such as baby doll or A-line styles. Steer clear of fitted straight cut styles, because they are likely to cling to your thigh zone area.

Control garments

Thigh shaping control undergarments can help to take centimeters off your thighs measurements so they are great worn under anything fitted on your lower half for a smoother line. 


Wearing a robe slightly open over some sexy lingerie can work really well if you have big thighs, because it creates two vertical lines that slice the legs lengthwise.

At the end of the day no matter what body shape you have, you should be able to feel comfortable within yourself and choose to wear whatever takes your fancy. These tips are aimed at helping you look your best and take the edge off any body confidence doubts you may have. 

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