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Flattering Dress Styles for Women with Small Breasts

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"Flattering Dress Styles for Women with Small Breasts"
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In creating a versatile wardrobe, it is useful to include a few different dress styles. To achieve a flattering appearance, it is very important to choose styles that suit your body shape. The following article is a brief guide to choosing dress styles that flatter women with small breasts.

Style & cut

You can typically wear button front dresses, because you are less likely to suffer from straining buttons. Wide collared dresses are also likely to be very flattering, because large lapels will add visual volume to your breasts.

Puff sleeves and cap sleeves will also help add volume to your bust area. When it comes to the neckline style avoid anything too deep, because this could highlight the bony nature of your chest. So steer clear of low scoop necks, v necks or sweetheart neck lines. A high neck like a crew neck, or boat neck can work well if they also suit your face shape and shoulder line.

You don’t need the support of thick bra straps, so you have the ability to wear skinny strap creations, but steer clear of strapless dresses, because they will highlight your lack of bust to fill them out.

Color & print

You should look for color block dress styles that have a print, light or bright colored bust panel as this will make your bust look a little fuller. Horizontal stripes are the ultimate bust widening print. Avoid wearing dark colors like black across the chest unless combined with some texture, or detailing that will widen the area. Feel free to play around metallic colors like gold and silver, because they reflect light, increasing the visual expanse of an area.


A jersey fabric can help emphasize the curves you do have, especially if you are wearing a padded push up bra. Just be sure to choose a more substantial one, over a flimsy jersey. Or try a fabric that it structured or textured to add visual volume to your chest area. For example, a boucle knit will add interest and fairly stiff denim could create the appearance of more shape. However, take care not to wear tailored dresses in stiff fabrics where it’s obvious you aren’t filling out the design. A floaty, feminine fabric like chiffon can also help make a flat chest seem more womanly.

 Decoration & details

Feel free to choose dress styles that feature decoration, or detailing through the bust region. Try lace, frills and ruffles, gathering and ruching, draping details, horizontal seam details like yokes, pockets and shirring.

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