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Flattering Dress Styles for Women with Large Breasts

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"Flattering Dress Styles for Women with Large Breasts"
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In creating a versatile wardrobe, it is useful to include a few different dress styles. To achieve a flattering appearance, it is very important to choose styles that suit your body shape. The following article is a brief guide to choosing dress styles that flatter women with large breasts.

Style & cut

If you have large breasts the neckline of your dress should be an open style. Think scoop necks, v necks, sweetheart necklines, or square cut necklines. Avoid wide and shallow necklines like crew necks or boat necks, because these will contribute to the visual size of your breasts. Typically most wrap dress are flattering, because they draw the eye down the length of the body and can therefore minimize bust width. Also look for semi fitted sheath dresses.

If you have toned arms a sleeveless style will be very flattering, otherwise choose three quarter or full length sleeves. Short sleeves that fall in line with your bust, will make it look bigger. In the skirt region look for dresses that offer a little flare. This will help to balance out your large breasts. Think A line style skirts, or fit and flare styles.

A large bust line has a tendency to make the upper body look short, so it is a good idea to choose a dress style that has a lowered waist panel. Think dropped waists, or styles that dip towards the center front. Avoid raised waist styles like empire line or baby doll. It is also a good idea to choose a dress that extends to the knee, because shorter looks can make your upper body look wider. A long dress will help to elongate your whole torso visually. Also make sure that you stick to vertical seam lines on the upper body like princess seams. Horizontal seam lines like yokes are best avoided.

Steer clear of dresses with skinny straps, because these will highlight the size of your bust. Generally, avoid shirt dresses, because most collars will add further volume to your chest area and may not lie flat. Other button down the front styles should also be avoided, because buttons have a tendency to gape when you have large breasts.

Color & print

A plain, dark colored dress is the simplest solution to minimizing volume at the chest, but if you want to inject some interest look for styles that are broken into an upper and lower body panel. There are styles which feature plain, dark colored bodices, but printed, light or bright colored skirts. These are ideal for bringing more balance to your figure and still allow you to have some fun with color or print. If you want to wear a print on your top half, stick to fine vertical pinstripes. Avoid shiny, metallic colors on your top half at all costs.


Avoid thin jerseys, because these have a tendency to look cheap if they pulling and straining across you dress. Choose more substantial fabrics like thick jerseys that help pull you in, or nicely draping fabrics like matt silk or crepe.  Be sure to stick to smooth fabrics, because anything with texture will add more volume to the bust. So avoid boucles, angora blend knits and knits with cable detailing.

Decoration & details

You want to look for a dress that is free from any fussy decoration or detailing on the top half, but feel free to play with details in one of your slimmer regions. This could be the hip, hem, or on a dress with long sleeves at the wrists. Think pretty hem details, hip pockets, low slung belts worn at the hip, or cuffs at the wrist. Avoid dresses that feature a belt or tie back at the waist, because these are likely to widen the upper half of your body.

Finally, remember that a great minimize bra, can help virtually any dress fit in a more flattering manner.

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