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Female Celebrities with a Boyish Body Shape to Inspire your Style

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"Female Celebrities with a Boyish Body Shape to Inspire your Style"
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Celebrities typically have multiple professionals who help them work out what looks good on them, so they can be a great source of inspiration. By looking at celebrities who have similar figure traits, you can help work out what might suit you. This article provides a listing of celebrities that have a boyish shaped figure.

By assessing their successes and (sometimes their failures) you can get a good idea of what different looks may flatter you. Best of all, you don’t need to employ an entourage of expensive professional help. It can also serve as a great confidence boost, because you should find that there are lots of women, who are considered attractive, that you share a trait with. Beauty, even in Hollywood, is not dictated by any one specific trait.

A boyish shaped figure is typically nice and slim, but lacks curves. There are several ways to create a curvier appearance. The following celebrities may provide inspiration for doing so:

Cameron Diaz

When Cameron Diaz hits the red carpet it is frequently in something feminine and girly. Think frills and spills, like tucks, gathers and ruffles. For example, she wore a dress with tulle shoulder detail, multiple layered tulle skirt and a waist cinching belt to the 2007 Golden Globes. In 2009 she wore a dress with assymetric folds, tucks and gathers. All of these details can soften the appearance of a boyish shaped figure. When she keeps things simple she often wears short hemlines that sit through the curviest part of the thigh. This helps to show off her long legs, but also gives her some shape.

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman looks great in many different outfits. Her clothes look to be carefully chosen to play up her strengths. She often wears bright or light colors and these help to make her look curvier. For example, in 2007 she wore a bright red Balenciaga gown to the Oscars. The dress featured a big bow at the neck, and a sleek fit at the bust, waist and hips. The bow added interest and the sleek fit showed off her nice flat stomach. When she does wear black, it typically features some form of print, detail or decoration.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow is often spotted in fashion forward shoes like cage sandals, booties and different styles of ankle boots. A boyish shaped figure can have fun with footwear, because she typically doesn’t have to worry about making her legs look longer and leaner. Gwyneth also wears clothes that encourage visual width, rather than length. For example, short hemlines that hit at mid-thigh and double breasted coat styles.

Kate Moss

Kate Moss shows us that a boyish shaped woman has the luxury of being able to experiment with lots of fun fashion looks, because the boyish figure is like a coat hanger waiting for adornment. Curvy women typically have to keep things far more simple. If you have a boyish figure like Kate Moss, you can play around with things like leggings, ankle boots, horizontal stripes and shiny fabrics.

For more inspiration, you could check out Jada Pinkett, or Kiera Knightley’s style.

*Please note, it can be difficult to determine a celebrities body shape definitively, these examples are provided as a suggested guide. 

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