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"These boots were made for walking" and much more is what you will conclude, if you choose from one of these top 5 best brands of cowboy boots!  If you gottta hankerin' to shop for a pair of cowboy boots, the top five best brands of cowboy boots listed here, are based on quality of leather, durability, hand-made or manufactured, comfort, style and last of all, price. 

Each of the five brands offer their own unique designs with comfort in mind, and there are plenty of trendy or old-western choices to be had.  It goes without saying, you probably get what you pay for, and so the top-of-the-line boot will be considered first.

#1. Lucchese Cowboy Boots came out the winner in nearly every respect.  These cowboy boots are hand-made, and checked over twice by personal inspection, before going on sale.  These all-leather boots have re-soleable bottoms.  The boots come in many various sizes and are, of course, the most expensive. However, they do offer sales from time to time.  To take a look at what they offer, visit:   Lucchese has been in business since 1880, being based in San Antonio, Texas.

#2. Dan Post Cowboy Boots was voted the "best cowboy manufacturing factories around the world." They focus on the true Western-style boot for men and women.  Dan Post offers the widest boot available, with a width of foot size that goes up to EEEE. So, if you have wide feet, this is the place to shop for your boots. For a look around their boot gallery go to:

#3.  Laredo Cowboy Boots are more for folks who are a bit more price-conscious.  While they have a wide variety to choose from, they are not all made of leather.  These boots are a combination of leather and man-made materials.  However, they have a nice selection, and they also sell all other western gear.  General price range under $140.

#4.  Durango Cowboy Boots has been in business since 1966.  Their focus is on comfort, style and durability. They also offer farm and ranch boots, as well as traditional Western. You can see what they have to offer by visiting:

#5. Tony Lama Cowboy Boots do offer leather linings, heels and soles.  Their boots have handpegged steel shanks for great arch support.  They only offer "medium" in the toe area, for all their boots.  However, they also specialize in the narrow foot style, which is harder to get in the other brands.

Your cowboy boot sales person will know how to get you the perfect fit.  It is important to get a good fit, so you will be comfortable and enjoy wearing them for many years to come.

All cowboy boots, especially leather, need proper care to get the best performance out of them. To that end, it is recommended to hang your boots on a boot tree, when not wearing them.  This is so they can air out properly, and that will help dry the salt and perspiration that normally accumulates.  Further, cowboy boots can be kept in best condition, by either using a silicone water repellent treatment, or using a lanolin-based boot cream polish. 

As far as fashion?  It is recommended if you buy brown or cognac boots, these go best with jeans or blue pants.  Black boots go best with black and gray outfits.  If you purchase distressed leather, color won't matter much, but make sure you match your belt with your boots.  Oh...and don't forget your cowboy hat!

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