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Clothing Fashion Tips for Teenage Boys

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"Clothing Fashion Tips for Teenage Boys"
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Boys, there is a secret to dressing "fashionably" in a woman's eyes and it is not always match your belt to your shoes or your tie to your shirt. Ironically, the top secret to looking good for men is the opposite of what most women try to do when we dress to impress. What do we females do? We act like dressing to impress is never our goal. Women (for the majority) like to look good without seeming like we spent forever getting dressed. You all know that girl who shows up to the party in the most stunning outfit and claims it was just "lying around in her closet" but other things suggest otherwise. Men your top secret key to fashion is effort. Seriously.

1.) Show that you try in the morning. Personally, I find a male most attractive when he appears to have made an attempt to just look nice and I do not know many women who would disagree. When I say nice, I do not mean fine suits or name brand outfits, I mean put together. If I feel a man has taken minutes to iron something in desperate need of some heat, instead of leaving that "natural winkle" (as some guys I know call it) in their clothes, then I automatically feel that the guy has some sense of how he looks. With this self sense comes fashion understanding.

2.) Try to dress like you mean it. Males who dress like they know who they are and what they like are sexy. You could be punk, rock, preppy, hip-hop, or whatever. Look at any male fashion icon regardless of your style. Ay male fashion icon past or present, from Ashton Kutcher to Johnny Depp, all have one thing in common, they wear clothing that expresses their personalities. It is like owning up to what you put on. Do not let your clothes define you but let them contribute to their identity.

3.) Try to dress like you mean it but don't mean too many things. Remember that you still want to look like you tried so attempting to express all of your personality at once is probably a bad idea if you are a little punk, rock, preppy, and hip-hop. Trying to display so many different things will eventually look confusing and make your outfit look like a lot of contrasting ideas. Wearing black vinyl pants with a polo and Rocawear shoes is definitely a bad idea.

Women like males who try, not those who take hours and hours to get ready. So don't confuse "look like you tried" with "look like you take fifty million days to get ready". It is not attractive. Give the appearance that you woke up in the morning, said this is who I am, put on something "natural wrinkle" free, and went on your day with confidence that you tried. Whatever your style is, you can make it sexier and more appealing simply by ironing out the kinks and showing off the tiny effort you make to just look nice.

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