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Most children seem to be dirt magnets. No sooner do you get them washed and presentable, when one of them has jelly on his shirt and the other has God-knows-what on her face. Given the proclivity for kids to touch everything they see, it is no wonder they get dirty so quickly. Couple that with the tendency to use their hands as hankies most of the time, is it possible for them to be clean at all?

Thank Goodness, children do learn quickly. They also love music, which is why most children's TV shows have a lot of music. The shows can put life lessons in the form of songs to teach without being preachy. What about combining children's love of music with cleanliness? Rocknocerous has done just that. On their CD "Dark Side of the Moon Bounce", a CD which was named "the most clever CD title", Rocknoceros encourages children to brush their teeth in their song aptly named "Brush Your Teeth". "Wee Go Potty" is another of their songs which promotes potty training. They not only have CD's but also podcast on their Saturday Morning Rocknoceros Podnoceros. Their music is very reminiscent of the mid-late 60s, and if you are a fan of They Might Be Giants, you may also like Rocknoceros.

Others have written songs for children's hygiene as well. Henry the Hand has a song about handwashing which is actually a parody of "Hand Jive" from the 50s. The Bromley Childminding Association in Britain offers a Word.doc of songs about hygiene that children can sing to "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star".

As children learn quickly, they will likely pick up the words and be singing the songs all over the house. They could be easily taught what those words mean and do what the words are telling them to do. If there is no song for the situation the child needs to learn, one can be easily made up by using the tune from a nursery rhyme, or even just by sing-songing the words.

Though my quick search turned up these results, you may find more. As far as listening pleasure, I liked Rocknoceros the best, and I plan on getting their CD's for my grandson. Some of the songs may be too young for him, like the "Potty" song, but there are enough others to give him hours of listening pleasure. The bonus is that the music is good enough that his parents would also enjoy it.


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