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Body Wash and Shower Gels why Regular Soap may not Suffice

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"Body Wash and Shower Gels why Regular Soap may not Suffice"
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The war between shower gels and regular soap has begun! Watch out soap because use of shower gels is on the rise. Regular soap makers are having to market their soap products differently to stay in the market against shower gels. Even though the use of regular soap is declining, soap manufacturers are changing their soaps to become more marketable.

Shower gels offer a variety of vitamin additives such as Vitamin E, Aloe, oatmeal and more. These additives are to make the skin maintain moisture longer and to heal the skin while consumers are busy cleaning their body parts. Regular soap makers are beginning to add similar ingredients to their soaps to keep them in the market competition.

Shower gels are more sanitary since the entire cleaner does not come in contact with body parts. You are not going to find a body hair floating around in the middle of your shower gel bottle. However, the chances of finding a body hair or two stuck on a bar of soap is fairly high. For this reason alone, shower gels have begun to surge in the market over regular soap.

Although soaps are adding a larger variety of odors for aromatherapy benefits of showering, shower gels hold scents longer then regular soap. In addition, shower gels are confined to a bottle instead of being exposed to air carrying germs and bacteria. The emergence of a scrubber has helped consumers feel as though they are getting cleaner with gels then with regular soap.

Today's consumer wants to be pampered. The shower gel offers a more spa-like experience with higher sud concentration, stronger scents and more holistic additives then regular soap can offer. Bottles are larger then regular soap bars and the consumer is often fooled into thinking that they are getting more washes per bottle then per bar of regular soap. More washes means less trips to the market to replace the product. In actuality, bar soap tends to wash more times then a traditional bottle of shower gel. Also, the cost per wash is significantly lower with regular soap then shower gel.

Consumers are willing to pay more for shower gels because they offer a larger variety of scents, vitamins and moisturizers. Shower gels in general are more sanitary to use with multi-member households. There is less soap residue build-up on shower walls with shower gels then with regular soap. The advantages of shower gels significantly outweighs the advantages of regular soap. You might want to buy several bars of regular soap, seal in a zip lock and save to be an antique one day!

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