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Blackheads Natural Ways to get Rid of them Natural Exfoliate Home Remedies for

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"Blackheads Natural Ways to get Rid of them Natural Exfoliate Home Remedies for"
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If you are blessed with oily skin then you cannot escape from blackheads at all. Each of us suffer from blackheads in our life starting from the time we enter our teenage to the early twenties or thirties and sometimes the blackheads misery continues even after, thanks to the oily skin of ours. There are ways to get rid of blackheads so do lot loose your heart just try the natural remedies coming directly from your kitchen shelf.

The best way to exfoliate for blackheads is to use all natural ingredients from your kitchen itself and forget those expensive ways to exfoliate for blackheads.

Blackheads occur due to oily skin, environmental pollution, poor cleansing routine, blockage of pores or due to excess of sebaceous secretion. The most important thing to keep in mind is to use natural ingredients and do not go for harsh products which can only lead to strip the skin of oil and will only produce more sebum which is not at all good as you will end up with more blackheads.

You should always opt for a gentle exfoliator each day to remove those dead skin cells. Exfoliation should to be a regular feature for your skin if you really want to get rid of those blackheads. Exfoliating your skin helps you to clear the pores of dead skin and other oils that clog pores. Normally you should exfoliate at least 2 - 3 times per week.

The natural ingredients directly from the kitchen which can be used to exfoliate for blackheads are

Besides using honey in the kitchen you can also use it as a natural ingredient for removing blackheads. Just apply warm honey on your blackheads and let it dry for 8 -10 minutes. In the end peel the honey off and wash your face with water. The result is really amazing as all your blackheads will come out effortlessly and will also give a nice refreshing glow to your skin.

Potatoes a must for every kitchen are a great natural beauty aid product. The usage is very simple just grate one potato and apply it in your full face as it is very good to get rid of wrinkles, whiteheads and blackheads.

You can use lemon as a perfect exfoliate for blackheads. Mix 1 part water to 5 parts of lemon juice, and massage the solution onto your face. Then, rinse your face after with cool water. Rinse thoroughly and find a fresh and glowing skin. The lemon juice helps a great deal to exfoliate the blackheads naturally.

Change your pillow case regularly and do not use your pillow case for long but try changing it as often as possible because during the night your hair follicles produce oil which easily gets accumulated in your pillow case and then gets to your face and skin. Getting oil and dust to your face from the pillow case is a common cause of blackheads.

To avoid blackheads always wash your face at least twice or thrice with gentle soap or cleanser each day and try to limit your use of cosmetics as far as possible. Buy make up which is labeled "non-comedogenic" as products marked with this label do not clog pores at all. Never never go to sleep with your make up on. Always remove the make up with gentle cleanser or use some milk and damp the cotton in the milk and use it as a cleanser.

Most of all remember that you should never try to extract your blackheads with your fingers, fingernails or a blackhead remover as it can lead to permanent damage and you might end up with some permanent spots or scars.

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