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Best Types of Rollers for Thin or Fine Hair

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"Best Types of Rollers for Thin or Fine Hair"
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Nothing beats rollers for giving body, fullness, and curl to thin and fine hair.  Unlike other tools like blowdryers and curling irons, rollers provide styling results that last longer.  Since there are so many different types of rollers available, choosing the right one can be confusing.   This article will give you all the information you need to know about the different types of rollers, and which types are best for fine or thin hair.

There are three main types of rollers that are available.  Magnetic rollers are the kind that most of us are familiar with and have been around for decades.  These are smooth plastic cylindrical tubes which wet or damp hair is wrapped around, and secured in place near the scalp with clips or bobby pins.  Closely related to magnetic rollers are velcro rollers.  These rollers are made of a softer plastic than magnetic rollers, and have numerous tiny toothlike projections which cling onto the hair and keep it in place without the use of clips or pins.  Finally, there are hot rollers.  These rollers are usually constructed of heat-resistant hard plastic and metal, and are heated using electricity.

All of these rollers are effective for styling fine and thin hair.  Finding the right type of roller is a matter of addressing your specific hair styling needs and your desired hairstyle.

1. Velcro rollers.  These rollers do not provide a curl that is as crisp and well-defined as magnetic rollers, but are better for giving hair a gentle soft wave.  Velcro rollers, unfortunately, can become easily tangled in the hair and removing these rollers can cause breakage to hair that is extremely fine, damaged, or brittle.

2. Hot rollers.  These rollers weigh more than the other types of rollers, and this excessive weight can cause breakage to super-fine and thin hair.  The heat from these rollers can also be damaging to the hair, and since they use electricity, there's always the risk of electrical shock.  Hot rollers are best for women with thick hair because thick hair can handle the heat and the weight from these rollers with less damage.

3. Magnetic rollers.  If in doubt, always choose magnetic rollers.  They provide the most volume and can be used to attain virtually any type of style.  Most importantly, they are a better choice for fragile types of hair.  Magnetic rollers are also the easiest type to clean, since styling product and loose hairs easily wipe off.

While all three types of rollers are nice to have, magnetic rollers are a must because of their availability, durability, and versatility. 

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