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"Best Shoes for Ballroom Dancing"
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If you start taking lessons in ballroom dancing, you will have to invest in the proper footwear for the various dances. For women, the shoes are usually high-heeled shoes and range from one to three inches in height. They can have open or closed toes or be styled like sandals. There are different shoe styles required for the various types of dances. For example, the heels of shoes for performing Latin dances should be flared, while those for standard dances should be slim. Men’s ballroom dance shoes are laced up Oxford style footwear. For Latin dances, the shoes have heels that are about one or two inches high. They have a flat sole for the standard ballroom dance.

Whatever style of ballroom dance shoe you wear, those with a suede sole are the best. This is because the suede lets you slide along the floor without slipping and it provides the perfect grip that you need for dips and swirls. Rubber soled shoes, while they can be beautiful and look perfect for the occasion, are not recommended because of the tendency to stick to the floor. This can cause injury to the knees and ankles.

The sole of this style of shoe is not as thick as a regular dress shoe, even though they look almost the same. The material of the part of the shoe that covers the foot is light and airy, but the shank is made of steel to give your feet and ankles the support they need.

It is very important to make sure that the shoes are a perfect fit for your foot. It has to fit snugly on your foot and yet feel comfortable around your toes. If the shoes are too tight and pinch your toes, you will have a difficult time performing the various dance steps.

Ballroom dancing is hard work and even though you are on your feet for only minutes at a time, you do give them and the rest of your body a good workout. The steps of the various dances can be tricky, which is why you need to have a good pair of shoes. It is very difficult to find this style in an ordinary shoe store. You will likely have to shop at a specialty store to find the footwear that you need and expect to shell out at least $100 for each pair that you purchase.

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