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If you have sensitive skin, you are one of many people who struggle to find the right piece of jewelry. Education is your first weapon in this battle but also patience. Never let a jewelry allergy be an excuse not to wear your wedding ring. Modern science, and outside the box thinking have created solutions for you.

Choosing the right metal

You may have heard that some metals are considered hypoallergenic. The most common hypoallergenic jewelry metal is platinum. In fact, most people discover their sensitivity towards metal alloys when they buy a gold wedding ring. If you absolutely love the color of gold there is an alternative to platinum. A derivative of platinum, called rhodium is a perfect solution. A skilled jeweler can apply the silver colored rhodium ONLY to the area of your jewelry that touches your skin. The jeweler will place clear nail polish on the areas you would like to remain gold to keep the rhodium from plating the rest of the gold metal. Rhodium does wear with time so you may need to have it reapplied about twice a year. Jewelers can charge anywhere from $20 to $50 for this type of rhodium treatment.

Likewise, white gold comes with rhodium plating and generally causes less of a skin allergy than yellow gold. It will also need to have the rhodium coating reapplied but will be less obvious over time.

Other newer metals, not traditionally considered jewelry quality have entered the market over the past ten years. These metals, like titanium, can be a very good solution. However, titanium scratches very easily and this should be considered seriously before making the investment.

Choosing the right jewelry

If your skin is easily aggravated or tears easily, be sure to stay away from heavy chains like rope necklaces. Examine the clasps on your jewelry at the store before purchase. Rub them lightly over your skin and see if they catch or pull. Also, spin your rings on your fingers. Do the prongs catch uncomfortably on your fingers? Rings rarely stay in place so you should expect them to spin.


Sometimes, a little prevention can go a long way! Whenever, you wash your hands be sure to take off your rings. If any soap or lotion makes contact with your jewelry the reaction to your skin can be drastic. Same with chlorinated water, keep it away from your jewelry!

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