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Best Body Wash Products for Men

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The best body wash products for men are not always those produced by the most exclusive and expensive cosmetic firms and are indeed fast becoming available to all, being on sale in most standard supermarkets.  On the other hand, high end skin care companies such as Clinique and Shiseido actually release well-researched body care products containing premium ingredients that are specifically aimed at the cashed-up male market and for the committed metrosexual who is not adverse to personal grooming.  The body wash that is actually the best is a very subjective choice but personally I have found that the widely available, non-gender specific washes are very often some of the best ones available at the shop, being quite affordable for the average consumer too.  These include:

•  Dove liquid shower soaps.
•  Palmolive shower gels.
•  ADIDAS energy scrubs.
•  Old Spice body wash.
•  Irish Spring Icy Blast Shower Wash.
•  Burt's Bees - Natural Skin Care for Men Body Wash.
•  Victoria Secret Very Sexy Body Wash.
•  Allure Hair & Body Wash.
•  Axe body washes for men.
•  Nivea firming shower liquid - (I personally recommend this for the incredible scent that it contains).

As for body cleaning implements such as sponges and shower poufs - it is surprising how many men will avoid using them, often complaining that they are items 'for the ladies'.  These days, the range on offer is wide and varied and compact selections of washers and hand held shower roses, in darker, masucline tones are more readily available.  A great idea for the image conscious man is to have a neat, portable shower tidy that can hang inside the bathroom - items such as loofahs, foot scrubbing brushes, washers and small towels can be stacked in a smart, generic fashion.  Good hygiene and skin care need not be an exercise in embarrassment for the average male with the wide range and variety of body cleaning products on sale these days - shop around for the ones that appeal to your particular sensibilities.

Some men seem to feel threatened by any body cleaning product that appears too feminine or doesn't have a masculine edge to it.  As a result, they tend to use any type of generic soap bar that can be thrown around and not attract attention as being 'unmanly'.  Classic soap ranges such as Lux, Old Spice, Country Life and many others have the disadvantage that they often strip the skin of essential oils and upset the delicate balance of the epidermal layers.  Although most men may claim that they don't care about the condition of their skins and that any extra pampering is just too 'girly', it certainly can pay to take a bit of care with the purchasing of better quality soaps in order to avoid serious skin conditions at some stage in life.  A standard moisturising Dove bar can be a good selection, containing quality skin enhancing ingredients while not being overly conspicuous or 'ladylike'. 

If money is not an issue then I would highly recommend the range of scientifically designed body washes that the internationally known cosmetic house Clinique sells.  From experience, I can personally claim that the technology used by Clinique results in a body wash that has few peers in regards to refined quality and results.  Your skin will glow with supreme health with the added benefit being that Clinique spends a lot of money on developing products that will not irritate sensitive skin types.  Designer companies like Calvin Klein, Burberry, Guess and Ralph Lauren, among others, have quality lines of body washes for men.  One advantage of purchasing a body wash that carries a designer label is that it will very often be of the highest standard when concerning ingredients and skin technologies.  A disadvantage of designer body washes is that they are sometimes just a fashionable item released by a company to augment a wide range of 'exclusive' pamper lines.  Be smart with your purchasing and don't be swayed by overly fancy advertising pitches.

Also on offer these days are expanding lines of natural and organic cleaning products.  With the Earth friendly, green movements growing in popularity by the day, the range of chemical free, body smart lines are growing in number and becoming more widely purchasable.  Anything from oatmeal scrubs, to herbal based gels and floral oil cleansers are appearing in the stores in ever greater numbers.  Reputable stores such as the Body Shop have a wide online selection available and global mail ordering has made the whole shopping process so much more convenient and discrete for the average consumer; long gone are the days when men would get a female friend or companion to do the shopping for shower and cleaning items.   

So whether you are looking for the best overall product when taking into account prices or whether you can afford to pay $50 and upwards for a smallish tube of the finest grooming products on the market, determining the best body wash products for men is likely to be somewhat of a personal and subjective exercise.  Take time to smell individual products and do a skin test for yourself where possible in order to come up with the most suitable selections.  My favorites for best male body wash products are listed above and I decided on my choices through much trial and error and testing of a variety of available lines.  Sure beats the humble bar of coal-tar soap!

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