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Benefits of Trimming off Split Ends from your Hair

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"Benefits of Trimming off Split Ends from your Hair"
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A lot of women like long hair and wait patiently for their hair to reach the desired length.  In their quest to grow their hair, they often neglect to have a regular trim because they feel this as a setback.  Yet hair needs to be trimmed if it is to stay healthy and beautiful. 

Every day hair is exposed to any number of factors that may damage it.  It gets exposed to the sun, gets tangled in the wind, gets washed with inferior shampoos, gets blow dried and gets tied up in tails or buns.  The result is split ends and no matter how many remedies you may try, trimming is the only way to get rid of split ends. 

Benefits of trimming off split ends from your hair is first and foremost the prevention of hair breakage.  If split ends are ignored, the hair will go on splitting further and further until it eventually breaks off.

A second benefit of trimming split ends is that the hair will have less frizz.  Frizz can be treated with special conditioners and serums but they are only a temporary solution.  Once a hair has split, nothing can mend it or put it back together.  That’s why it is important to trim regularly.  The more regularly you trim, the less length you will have to lose.

When visiting a hair salon for a trim, inform the hair stylist that you are trying to grow your hair and if necessary give instructions on how much to take off.  In addition a hair stylist can recommend a good shampoo and conditioner to limit the damage.

If you are not sure if your hair is due for a trim or not, run your fingers through your hair.  If you feel a change from silky soft to slightly course, the course part has to come off.  Another test is to pick up a section of your hair and squeeze the ends next to your ear.  If you hear a dry crackling sound, this means that your hair is dry and damaged.

To limit the damage to your hair, invest in a quality shampoo and conditioner and pass on styling your hair with any type of heat source.  Blow dryers, curling irons, hot rollers and especially flat irons cause tremendous damage. 

In addition you may want to invest in a good hair brush, preferably a brush made out of boar hair and a wide toothed comb. 

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