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Beautiful Hair Accessories for little Girls

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"Beautiful Hair Accessories for little Girls"
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Hair accessories look very adorable on little girls. There are many unique accessories that stand out and provide the perfect look for a special occasion. You will find a wide selection at stores such as Claire's, which is in many malls, and online.

Beautiful flowers

You will find huge flowers that can go in children's hair. These come in different forms. You can get a large flower that has an alligator clip on it. You can just clip it right into the child's hair. They also sell headbands that have a large flower on them, which might be good for a younger child. Make sure that the hair accessory will stay in the hair. Because some children have thin hair, a clip may be too heavy.

Flower hair clips come in all different shapes and sizes. You can get something big and bright like a sunflower or something simpler and elegant like a single rose. You can get homemade flowers of all types at the online marketplace for homemade items, Etsy.


Ribbons can make a beautiful hairstyle for a child. One unique accessory is to get a simple hair tie that has a long ribbon attached to it. Use the hair tie to secure the ribbon at the top of the hair. Then you will braid the hair, including the ribbon in one of the strands. You will see the ribbon threaded through the braid. As an alternative, you could include three ribbons and place one with each of the strands in a three strand braid.

Clips with characters

At many craft fairs, online and in various sources you will find hair clips that are made into unique shapes and characters. For instance, you could get a hair clip that looks like the shape of Cinderella or Rapunzel made with ribbons. They make some that look like ladybugs, butterflies or hearts. You can get one that is suitable for a holiday such as a pumpkin for Halloween. These come in all different sizes.


As long as your child is old enough, she can wear crystals in her hair. If you want it to look like her hair is threaded with crystals, then you can buy tiny clips that sport one or a couple of crystals. You can also buy crystals that have a little coil on the back so that they can wind into your hair and give this same look.

There are many beautiful hair accessories. Look to see what is available or make your own for something customized.

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