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Attaching Mitts to a Coat

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"Attaching Mitts to a Coat"
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Children are notorious for loosing things. Their minds are moving so quickly from one thing to another that they simply cannot keep track of all their own possessions. This seems especially true of mitts and gloves. As a parent, you will have to find some way of helping your child to not loose his or her mitts, or you’ll be replacing them throughout the winter.

Luckily, there are several ways in which you can simply attach your child’s gloves or mitts to their jacket without much fuss. Usually, the age of your child will determine which method you use. For babies and toddlers, a permanent solution might be the best idea. You can actually sew a pair of mitts onto the child’s jacket. This method allows you to not only ensure your little one doesn’t lose their mitts, but that they cannot even take them off. This is particularly useful for children who often remove their mitts even in the coldest weather.

You can sew the gloves onto the sleeves of the coat by hand or by machine. Most sewing machines can handle heavier fabrics, including those used to make jackets and mitts. Alternatively, you can take the gloves and jacket to a seamstress or tailor and have them attached for you. Most shops will be more than happy to do so.

As your child grows older, you’ll want them to be able to remove their mitts, but still keep them attached to the jacket. An easy option is to sew the mitts onto strings which can be threaded through the sleeves and across the shoulders. This simple method allows the mitts to be removed completely from the jacket when necessary, and if you don’t like to sew, mitts can be purchased that already have a string attached.

However, keep in mind that a busy child may pull the string out of the back of their jacket and possibly wrap it around their own neck, presenting a strangulation hazard. When using this method, supervise your child constantly to ensure this does not happen.

For children of all ages, consider glove or mitt clips. These are inexpensive and sold at most retailers, usually alongside children’s gloves and mitts. Directions for attaching these items are usually included, but they are rather self-explanatory, even without instruction. They function very much like safely pins, opening and clipping onto the jacket at one end, the glove at the other. However, they are much safer than safety pins, and so are a better option. As they come in many different styles, you can allow older children to choose which style appeals to them.

When choosing a method for attaching mitts to a jacket, keep in mind both the age and needs of your child. While mitt clips may be the best option for many families, they are not appropriate for everyone. Use your own judgment when deciding which method to use for your own family.

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