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What plans do you have for your body at the end of your life? Will you be buried or cremated? Will your ashes be scattered or stored in an urn? What about turning them into something your loved ones can cherish and hand down for generations? What about diamonds?

Scientists have been playing with the creation of man-made diamonds for over a hundred years. Using the same carbon-conversion process to make other synthetic diamonds, your ashes can be transformed in a little less than a month. Companies such as LifeGem have been generating diamonds from human remains for some time.

The process for turning ashes into diamonds is fascinating. First, the carbon is captured during cremation in the form of powder. From its powder form, the carbon is turned into graphite.

Next, the graphite is put into a crucible to complete purification. The crucible can withstand temperatures upwards of 3000 degrees.

Then, the graphite is placed into a press which replicates the natural diamond making process, but much faster. Instead of the earth squeezing the carbon into a diamond over decades, you can be squeezed into a diamond in just a few short weeks. It takes one million p.s.i. to create a diamond from your ashes. Inside each press are precision machined semi-spheres designed to keep constant pressure on the growth chamber. Under this heat and pressure, the graphite breaks down into individual atoms, which then bond together in a pattern only found in diamonds. The diamonds created in the growth chambers are identical to diamonds formed naturally. They have the same flaws, brilliance, and color as natural diamonds.

After the diamond has been produced, a diamond cutter laser cuts it according to the wish of the customer. Then, the diamond is certified for authenticity using the same process as other world-class jewelers.

What if you want to give yourself to more than one family member? Over 100 diamonds can be made for one family. Currently stone sizes range from .25-1.5 carats. Larger stones may be available in the future. They come in round, princess, or radiant cuts, and the diamonds may be cut specially upon request. The colors available are shades of blue, red, green, yellow, and clear.

The cost of having your ashes turned into a diamond run anywhere from $3500 for a .2-.29 carat diamond to over $20,000 for .9-.99 carats. Special orders can run more while multiple diamonds bring the cost of each stone down a little bit.

What about pets? Most of us love our pets so much that they're considered part of the family. Why not make them into something that will last forever.

New technology has also made it possible for diamonds to be made from a lock of hair for those of us that don't want to be cremated.

Now it's possible to turn your ashes into the most precious of all stones-diamonds. Surely, they will be priceless to your family for generations to come.

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