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Appropriate Colors to Wear for a Funeral

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"Appropriate Colors to Wear for a Funeral"
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There are certain colors that are appropriate to wear for funerals and certain colors that are not.  Out of respect to the family, you are going to want to make sure that you are dressed in these somber tones.  Of course, different things will be appropriate for different funerals, and the family will sometimes direct you to the appropriate fashion. The following are colors you might want to consider.


Black is the obvious color that is appropriate for a funeral. For many, this is the only color that they will wear to a funeral.  Some people will wear all black, whereas others will wear something that is black with a little something else.  This is usually okay if the other color is appropriate such as a dark navy or even a little white.  Obviously something like a hot pink or fluorescent yellow might not be great no matter how little of it there is.  Some blacks are darker than others, but any shade of black will usually do.


A lot of people will choose to wear gray instead of black for a funeral.  This is usually acceptable, especially if it is a darker gray.  You will find many suits in this color for both men and women, and they are sometimes embellished with black.  


A dark blue such as a navy is usually okay for a funeral.  A lot of people even have difficulty distinguishing a dark navy from a black.  Some people might prefer to wear the navy, and most of the time people will accept this at a funeral.


Some people will choose to wear a dark brown for a funeral.  This is a relatively somber color.  You will find many different shades of this color, which people might accept. 

When you go to a funeral, it is very important to dress appropriately.  In general many dark colors are okay, however if you are at all unsure, you might want to consider checking so that you do not offend anyone.  You might want to consider the color of accessories as well.  For instance, if you have a dark black dress but a bright orange purse or belt, then this might not go great.  You might want to use the darker blacks, grays, browns, blues and similar colors for scarves, belts and any other items that you wear for the funeral.  Consider the above colors for this somber event. 

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