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America's Next Top Model is one of the most popular television shows on basic cable. Not only that, it's a reality show with former supermodel Tyra Banks giving details to ten to eleven model aspirers. Its full of drama, catty girls, and of course make overs. Make overs are a big part of the show with many new and trending hairstyles that women would love to take on as their own. Of course, some are down right hideous either way and since its a television show its good for a quick laugh. But some are actually quite fashionable and you could even take the make over after pictures to a hair salon. Here are some of the best styles from the girls that you should really check out.

Chantal (Cycle 9) -

Chantal is a tall blonde beauty with a west coast vibe to her. They kept her blonde and made her hair very long and straight. The style is very cute and young as it has fluffy straight across bangs with long flowing strands of hair. To get this style, make sure your bangs are sprayed up a little bit to make them have volume, then get out your hair straightener and straight it out very smooth and flat in a swift iron motion. It also looks great if you have side layers going down in a cascade.

London (Cycle 12) -

London was the girl who came in with medium length brown hair that was a little drab, she got spiced up to platinum blonde in a short hair cut that's actually really posh and stylish. In fact, it looks a lot like Victoria Beckham's blonde do she rocked a few years ago. The style is cute and fashionable and best of all it is easy to maintain, the perfect cute style for a girl who does not want to spend hours on her hair every morning.

Natasha (Cycle 8) -

Natasha is a stunning Russian woman who had very thick and blonde hair that was definitely over processed. She need a good change, and her hair was cut a little shorter and dyed a dark chocolate brown. Added to this was a nice fringe. This cut is very Vidal Sassoon, with the back being shorter and the front gliding down to her shoulders. The bangs are very "Russian spy" chic and it worked to her advantage. Getting this look will definitely make you look top notch and be ready to take over the big city; it's really for a girl who loves to be herself.

These three styles are some of the best make overs to come out of the show, hopefully there will be many more of which to be fond.

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