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Abercrombie and Fitch Hollister American Eagle Top Clothing Stores for Teens and Young Adults

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"Abercrombie and Fitch Hollister American Eagle Top Clothing Stores for Teens and Young Adults"
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Today, teens and young adults are always looking for the latest popular trend in clothing whether it be for the preppy look or gangster look as well as any other fashion trend. These are the top 10 most popular clothing stores for teens and young adults both male and female.

1) Abercrombie & Fitch (A&F)

Abercrombie & Fitch have some of the nicest and classy looking clothing for both sexes around especially centering around young adults. Although expensive and over priced, during the clearance sales you can find affordable and appealing clothing from designer abercrombie jeans to sweaters and hoodies. It does have that classy or preppy look so some teens may not enjoy it, but for the average high school or college undergrad this clothing line offers the perfect balance of comfort, design and appeal.

2) Hollister

Hollister co is a run off division of A&F which offers the same general type of clothing with the added bonus of being more affordable. Again the clearance sales are key here but comparatively to other high quality clothing stores, its about equal or less. Most teens and young adults have something or another from hollister, it's a great store and one of my personal favorites.

3) American Eagle

AE is the unofficial little brother of hollister/abercrombie. Clothing is very reasonably priced and coupon codes can often be found floating around the net giving 10-20% off on certain dates, as well as having special promo discount codes through e-mail if you're a subscriber (which is free). Another one of my favorite stores who offer good quality clothing for a great price. American Eagle can also be bought for junior high or even elementary kids, it has a diverse clothing line and sizing chart.

4) Lacoste

Lacoste is the most expensive store on this list, and although generally keeping with the modern popular theme of the classy prep looks it offers quality clothing however, at a steep price. You'll want to get in on the clearances and sales or avoid this altogether.

4) Old Navy

Yes, the store everyone knows and loves. Exceptional store, clothing is dirt cheap with many sales in bulk, for example 10 t-shirts for $5 each. Usually have an abundant of sizes and sales on holidays and special promo offers. A must visit store if you're buying clothes for yourself or for your teens.

5) Gap

Gap is the parent company to Old Navy and although clothing can run a bit pricey, it has a wide selection of apparel for young and old alike.

6) Blue notes

Blue notes is a Canadian clothing company and although many teens shop there, I would avoid spending big orders here if possible. The clothing can be cheap quality and material is not as expensive, but doesn't last as long as other stores such as hollister, ae, etc. It's great if you need to pick up a sweater or shirt, belts, etc. here and there but otherwise I would avoid.

7)  Aeropostale

Aeropostale clothing is an A+ clothing store for teens. It has everything and has some of the cheapest prices around.

8) Diesel

Diesel has the comfiest and best jeans I've ever owned. However, for $200+ they better be comfy. Diesel's clothing line is a well known and popular line, not so much for teens due to cost but for college students and young adults it is. It's extremely expensive, you pay for the brand name but as far as the jeans go, you do in fact pay for quality too. Great products but for a cheaper price, stores listed above could offer near quality and look.

9) Macys

Include stylish and affordable teen clothing. Also has a juniors section for those younger family members. Online sites offer free shipping and they have frequent sales so an all around decent clothing store.

10) Wal-Mart

Wal-mart and clothing aren't usually used in the same sentence these days, at least for teens anyway. But if you're finances are low and you need some alright clothing it's not a bad place to shop. Items are cheap and you can usually get more than you would at online or mall stores. Most of the clothing is made in Bangladesh, India or China so mostly third world countries which may be an issue for some. However, I usually pick up a good pair of track pants, few t-shirts,wife beaters or undershirts and dress pants, dress shirt and tie for under $50 which is great. Never hurts to look right?

These are the most popular stores for teens and young adults to shop for whether in store or online and hopefully this has given you some insight as to what stores should be avoided and which to check out.

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