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A look at Age appropriate Fashions for Women over 50

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"A look at Age appropriate Fashions for Women over 50"
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Today's women over the age of fifty are looking and acting much more youthful. Despite the fact that they are having to face the inevitable bodily changes associated with Middle Age and menopause, they still feel younger than they probably did in past decades. That may be due in part to the fact that we know so much more about how to live a healthier lifestyle. That being said, women over 50 still want to look fashionable without having to look like grandmothers or old women.

Figuring out what is age appropriate and what will still look classic, classy, fashionable and stylish if you are 50 or older can be a real challenge.

Here is a look at some things to consider if you are approaching the age of 50 or are already there, but aren't sure what is suitable to wear.

*Jeans -

Believe it or not, jeans can be perfectly appropriate on women of any age. It isn't the jeans themselves that are the problem or that make women look like they are trying to recapture their lost youth; it's the style that can often be entirely inappropriate for an older woman. The trick to wearing jeans and looking good in them is wearing a suitable style or cut of jeans. For most older women, low rise jeans, bootleg jeans or ultra tight jeans are not age appropriate.

If you want to wear jeans and look half way decent in them, look for a jean with a wider leg, or a jean that is cut more like a trouser. This is a style that can be suitable for most body types, and if you are short or have heavier legs, a trouser jean will elongate the leg and make the entire body look thinner.

*Shorts -

There comes a point when shorts aren't the most attractive piece of clothing on older women. You can have a great body, be in great shape, but that won't matter if what people see is an older woman who is trying to look too hip and too young, and some people may think that wearing shorts is in poor taste.

There's nothing wrong with wearing Capri pants in place of shorts, and Capri pants can vary in length. You can even wear them so that they are just at or below the knee, and this will be infinitely more appropriate than shorts. Make sure that you aren't wearing Capri pants that are skin tight because that will look really inappropriate.

*Tops -

There comes a point when wearing a tank top in public or some camisole like top just isn't age appropriate. It's one thing to wear things like that if you are hanging out at home or working outside in your backyard. It's another thing to appear in public dressed like that because it sends people all sorts of different messages.

There's nothing wrong with wearing sleeveless blouses or tops, wrap tops, tunic tops or other types of hip and fashionable tops. Just make sure that they fit properly and that they aren't overly revealing. While you don't want to wear blouses or tops that are so baggy that they look like sacks, you also don't want to wear them when they are so tight you look like you are struggling to breathe.

*Dresses and skirts -

One of the most important aspects of wearing a dress or skirt that is age appropriate if you are over 50 is the length. While a very short skirt or dress is entirely inappropriate for most women over the age of 35, a skirt or dress that is too long will just look frumpy. No women who is 50 years old, but feels young in spirit wants to be wearing a dress that makes her look old. For most women at this age, somewhere around knee length is most appropriate.

Just because a woman is approaching 50, or may already be there, that doesn't mean that she can no longer strive to be fashionable or look good for herself and to be attractive to others. There is sometimes a fine line between what is fashionable and what looks cheap and trashy. Since we live in a society in which people typically judge others by the way they look, women will always have to deal with the dichotomy between wanting to look as young as they feel and not wanting to look so inappropriate that people will mock them.

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