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Restmoment conference system stationed in a police office in Shanxi Province

       A police office in Shanxi Province is the government's department which is in charge of the city's public security work. Recently, Restmoment high-end conference system is successfully settled in a police office in Shanxi Province!

       A police office in Shanxi Province chose Restmoment digital conference products. Restmoment is based on the requirements of a police office in Shanxi Province. It follows the principles of reliability, advancedness, practicality, easy operation, easy management and confidentiality. Finally, the high-end conference microphone RX-D18 was used.
       The RX-D18 conference unit has a pickup distance of up to 120cm. It is designed to enhance the high-quality pickup conference such as television broadcasts, and professional recordings. It also has strong anti phone interference resistance.


       Recently, Restmoment has completed the debugging and installation of the conference speaking unit, which has improved the work efficiency.

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