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A government office in Quanzhou City, Fujian Province adopts the Restmoment Digital Conference System

       In order to promote the government's informatization construction, a government office in Quanzhou, Fujian Province needs to install an effective communication platform. Restmoment has many years experience. And it is increasingly prosperous in the industry. So Restmoment team went to Quanzhou City to design a set of audio and video integrating digital conference system. The two-floor conference system has been installed.

       The project must fully meet the actual needs of the government. The equipment needs to be highly reliable, highly secure, manageable, easy to maintain, and meet the basic daily meeting requirements of government agencies. According to the user's requests and the layout of the conference room, a conference speech unit is designed for each seat in the conference room. And a full digital high-end conference controller is also provided as the system management to realize the discussion and automatic video tracking. The function is centrally controlled.

       Restmoment high-end conference unit RX-A2, conference controller RX-V3.1, RX-9900 central control matrix system and other products reflect the humanization of Restmoment conference system products. The conference speech unit RX-A2 is both beautiful and practical.



       Working with the RX-9900 central control matrix system, it integrates lighting, mechanical, projection and video to meet the real-time switching schedule of conference room.



       The conference system realized the functions of the environment, signal input and output control and management. The sound can meet the language sound reinforcement standard in the acoustic characteristics of the national sound reinforcement system design. The speech should be clear and distortion-free. The sound pressure margin is sufficient. The sound field distribution is uniform. The sound feedback is whistling. And the sound image is positioned correctly. The system runs in an orderly manner, and all operations are completed through one terminal. It is well received by customers.

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