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Premium conference controller-Full digital premium extension host RX-K3.0
Premium conference controller-Full digital premium extension host RX-K3.0
Product description:

Full digital extension controller is core component of RESTMOMENT ADCS conference system. Once the quantity of speaking units in a system is over 125pcs, the system needs extension controllers to supply power and data processing capacity. It has six channel conference extension ports and each extension controller can connect 120pcs speaking units.

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? Restmoment original full digital conference technique, compliant to IEC 60914 and IEC 60065 international standard and GBT15381-94 national standard.

? Can setup all the functions by knob board on front panel.

? Adopt high speed RISC embedded hardware structure, more reliable, faster

? Full digital audio processing technique; The sound quality is near CD.

? Full digital audio transmission technique; Point to point connection; Remote transmission won’t influence on sound quality. Distance between equipments could reach at 150m.

? 2.8 inch LCD, Chinese/English menu display, can order any language.

? System self-checking function; User-defined ID number to aviod the colliding of ID address.

? Support”PnP” to keep system’s safty and stability.

? Has 6 channel 6pin unit output ports; Each channel can connect 25pcs units; Totally it can connect 100pcs units simultaneously.

? Two extension controller 6pin ports which are used to connect system controller or other extension controller.

? Working with extension controllers, the whole system can connect 65535 units.

? System supports “Line type hand in hand connection”, “Y type connection”, “Distribution box connection”, “Audio box connection” and “Ring type hand in hand connection”.

? User-defined ID address codes of extension controller.

? Aluminium alloy case; And it has ROHS certification.

? Adopts 2U international standard design which can be installed in 19inch case.

? Built-in international common use power and stabilized system.

? Working with conference management software to achieve more increment functions


RX-K3.0 series

Working power

AC100~ 240V, 50/60Hz

Working consumption

Static state 25W, Maximum 250w


2.8 inch screen


Chinese/English or custom made

Capacity of each way


System capacity

100 units, can be expanded to 65535pcs 

Transmission distance


Voltage of unit output port


Unit connector

6 pin DIN


Dark grey

Net weight



432L x 90H x 350W mm


Suitable for 19 inch standard stand

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