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HD mixing matrix- HD matrix switcher RX-MDN
 HD mixing matrix- HD matrix switcher RX-MDN
Product description:

HD  intelligent matrix,  She  compatibles  with the analog signal and digital signal input, and supports a variety of signal format, and covers the main type of signal,  suitable for the place which analog and digital signals coexist.  have the function of  programmable central control after only  add a control card,  to fully support the ipad, iphone, android, etc.  controlling terminal, and greatly reduce the cost.   She brings together many exclusive technology: extensible control function, powerful programmable central control ability;  HDMI input audio ring out, the output audio separation technology;  Support for  handheld terminal control technology of ios, android. 

  • Function
  • Parameters

? Card inserting structure: Input signal supports VIDEO, VGA, YPbPr, DVI, HDMI, HD-SDI, 3G-SDI, OF, RJ45, output is HDMI, VGA , DVI, RJ45, OF. Card-inserting structure, is extremely easy to extend or replace . And has extension control function, scalable network control;

? Long drive ability: input with automatic equalization, effective in reducing the  deterministic jitter due to the line transmission (ISI); output with pre-emphasis function for long cable receiver can still receive signals; input support reception delay, effective response for time compensation when the differential pair of lines of unequal length;

? Audio loop out: HDMI signal input supports audio loop out, HDMI signal output supports audio separation output (stereo) function, can easily connect with the PA system;

? Connection prompts: input and output boards with light, there is signal indicator light when output connected with device and has signal;

? HDCP Compatible: Ensure  there is a protected media content can be displayed normally, such as Blu-ray DVD, GAME BOX, etc;

? Audio access function: VIDEO, VGA, YPbPr input board with audio input interface,cooperate with separate audio output function, to achieve synchronization of audio and video switching and  without additional configuration. Of audio switching equipment;

? EDID Support Calculation functions: Automatic real-time calculation of intersection collection for.arbitrary output monitor's EDID information  When one input signal to multiple display devices with different resolutions, the current switching state can automatically obtain the best resolution, and the trigger signal source to change the resolution (automatic mode);

? Display device (manual mode);

? The control function: Expansion in the control board, you get a programmable central control function, can support three-way programmable RS232 port, 3 channel infrared transmitter port and support iphone, ipad, android to control;

? Power-down memory function : With off-site protection function; save and recall 18 switching states;

? Extended Network Control: When extened the control, in addition to use iphone, ipad  to control  the machine, but also to support remote network control matrix switch;

? Input and output: input slot: 9, the output slots: 9, each block cartoon channel: 2; support for embedded multi-channel digital audio signal crossover switch;

? Input Output Card: 36 series following each board 2-way, more than 36 series for each board is 4. Demand can configure different format input card (video input card, VGA input card, HDMI input card, color difference signal input cards);

? Support Full HD: including 1080p/60 with all HDTV resolutions up to 1920 * 1200 and the resolution of a PC compatible;

? Support full seamless Output: All output channels are supported seamlessly switch no black screen, fully compatible interface signals, adaptive each output parameters (resolution, vertical and horizontal size) independently adjustable, after extensions, can be selected a resolution as the output resolution, resolve, such as 1360 * 768 and 1366 * 768 such small differences, as well as other cases border on the phenomenon are not allowed;

? Redundant Power Supply Design: When a power module fails, the other power supply module to succeed immediately to ensure its continued work properly. 

? Modular structure: Input and output signal support all digital and analog formats, such as AV, VGA, DVI, HDMI, HD-SDI, Wall controller card.

? Optional LCD/DLP video wall controller feature.

? Long distance driver feature: Input with automatic equalization, effectively reducing ISI due to long distance transmission; Output with pre-emphasis for signals; Input support receiving delay, apply for the time compensation when the differential pair of lines are with unequal length.

? Connection indicating: Input and output modules are with led lighting once connected.

? Compatible with HDCP: Make sure that protected media content from Blue-ray DVD, Game box etc.

? Audio access function: Audio interface is available for VIDEO, VGA and YPbPr input and output modules, switch your video and audio signals synchronously.

? Automatic EDID calculation: Automatically calculating the EDID intersection of any output display information, when signal to be switched to display devices with different resolutions, it can obtain the best resolution in real-time and implement automatically.

? Memory function for interruption of power supply: Support Memory function for interruption of power supply, Max 18 status can be saved and recalled.

? Input Output modular Card: 4 channels for each card, all digital and analog formats modules can be hybrid and custom deployed according to your devices.

? Support full HD: compatible with 1080p/60 resolutions of all HDTV and 1920 * 1200 resolution of PC.

? Luxurious silicone keypad with back lighting indicator, the current states can be obtained directly through the back lighting.

? Support 3D, HDMI 1.4, HDCP, DVI 1.0 protocol, high color depth and up to 3.25Gbps rate.

? 1 RJ45 Ethernet port.

? 1 RS232 communication port.

? Support HD seamless switching output. All output channels support seamlessly switching, no black screen, fully compatible with all signals, parameters of each output channel (resolution, vertical and horizontal size) is automatically adaptable, and can be manually adjusted independently. After extending, certain resolution can be default for this channel, perfectly resolve the tiny difference between 1360*768 and 1366*768, and no cross the border for other situations.

? Dual power supply module: once a power module fails, the other power supply module will succeed immediately, to make sure it work properly.

 Model RX-MDN08  RX-MDN16  RX-MDN32  RX-MDN72
 Input slot  4  8  18
 Output slot 2  4  8  18
 Card channel  4  4  4  4

Support 3D/ HDCP1.4 protocol/ HDCP protocol; Compatible with DVI1.0 protocol 


 0 dB
Pixel bandwidth

Full digital 225MHz 

Interface bandwidth Full digital ,3.25Gbps
Max support resolution Normal-PC 1600x1200@60_24bit
 HDPC 1920x1200P@ 60_24bit
 HDTV 1920x1080P@60_36bit
Clock Jitter <0.15 Tbit
Rise time <0.3Tbit (20%--80%)
Fall time <0.3Tbit (20%--80%)
Signal type HDMI-A Full digital T.M.D.S signal of HDMI 1.4

Video input 
Connector RCA、HD15/F、HDMI/F、BNC、DVI-D、12-bit Phoenix plug audio connector
Signal strength T.M.D.S. ±0.4Vpp
Max/min level T.M.D.S. 2.9V/3.3V
Impedance Video、RGB 75Ω;H/V 510Ω; T.M.D.S.difference 100Ω
Max compensation in Dc offset 15mV
  Video output 
Max/min level T.M.D.S. 2.9V/3.3V
Impedance Video 75Ω;H/V 510Ω; T.M.D.S. difference 100Ω
(L×W×H mm
 432×245×90 432×245×135  432×245×225  432×245×495 
 Height 2U  3U  5U  11U 
Power  Max 100W   Max 150W  200W 500W 
 Power supply AC100-240V

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